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prayer to holy gem

Inspired by the life of George Mueller, he has participated in multiple missions trips internationally and locally depending entirely entirely praise God on the Lord’s Providence, his vibrant friendliness, which I have seen and I’m sure you too you have as well reflects the all-encompassing love of Christ toward his children. Let’s pray heavenly father thank you for the opportunity to hear another word from you this time through Jim Caster father Lord. We praise you for what you are doing. And through his life in the name of Jesus father give him words to speak eyes to see and ears to hear your will and purposes for his time here with us this morning in the name of Jesus, Amen.

I passed the the youth category 10 years ago 10 years ago. I was I was this heart and actually way before that I guess I was 30 – two or 30 – three. I was this heart and I was broken and I had a lot of haters. Of anger in my heart, and I was thinking of leaving the church but somehow a friend of mine asked me to coordinate to oraciones a la virgen maria facilitate prayer and a prayer and thinking I don’t want to be in a prayer room and friends. It is such it is such a mystery right now, why I’m here standing with you and leading out prayer because I didn’t like prayer before because for me thinking that prayer is just for the week for those people who doesn’t want to work.

prayer to holy gem

I was just smiling when Melody said a while ago that it is so difficult to follow after Pastor Mark Finley, I was just smiling inside following after them. I don’t know what I’m gonna say I guess you have observed that I didn’t get the memo of the height requirement of the speakers. When Pastor Mark said that God will use you and somehow it spoke to me because God will use the foolish things of this world. Amen So everything that I lack.

Coming by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Amen and as our sister season shared a while ago that I’ve been living by faith. actually, I was inspired by the story of George Mueller, who among you here knows the name George san pancracio Mueller, George Mueller did not tell people about his need. He did not ask for anything did not actually require a salary. he refused to salary and the moment when he passed away my defense, the moment he passed away.

prayer to holy gem

leaders leaders leaders between between between me me me and and. oraciones a la virgen maria That was those walls were broken. one thing that came to my head.

I don’t know if this is just a Filipino thing. I know this is this is something that when you taste something you could not keep it to yourself so friends I went around people inside the conference Hall and I asked him have you been to the prayer room. Have you been to the prayer room?

I believe that God will fill in friends. The reason why I’m here not because to tell about myself but to tell about what God has done and what God has done something to you, You could not shut up you cannot keep it to yourself and the reason why I’m so passionate about prayer and about about prayer conference. It’s because the prayer room or the prayer Ministry saved my life. I know God saved my life, but the Lord used the prayer Ministry the prayer room to save my life. I was at the point in my youth like that was 10 years ago.

I almost want to block the entrance that you could not come out here. Unless you’ve been to the prayer room, I was tempted to do that because my defense I’ve seen that when the walls come down, the Holy Spirit will be poured out. Amen and this is one thing that I. Not that I have seen that this is the reason why we are not experiencing Pentecost in our time because there’s a lot of walls walls that have built by us well that have been put in by the enemy and this was could only come down when we go down when we go down a slow as God would want us to go down so friends and the reason why I’m here is to share because I know that for.

Oración 24

prayer to holy gem

Ven a rezar con nosotros

I work work work, but for me staying in one place, it’s not really good, but God is good. He put me in a spot where I could not do anything but pray so I was there in the prayer room and the moment I I said yes to that friend because I don’t want to disappoint her. She’s santa rita a good friend, so I was there in the prayer in the moment I melt down the moment. I prayed the Lord started breaking down the walls that the enemy has built between between me me and and and people people people between between between me me me and and and and the the.

It’s not just me who should experience this. The church is experienced this. my friend should experience as I was in a in a faith camp in a conference and the moment you’ve tasted something you cannot.

  • Having a full church of people praying together with you.
  • It’s about having a consecrated group that is unified and that is on the same page this is not about us this is not for our glory this is we want to see God’s work go forward we want to see God work in our church we want to see him bring backslidden members back.
  • Short thought that I like to do that it says here we are never to prescribe our own case isn’t it beautiful we are never to prescribe our own case Grice must have an entire control of our will and our action or he will not undertake in our behalf very very important thought.
  • Ask God to lead you to prayer partners with the same burden OK so it’s not about.
  • Because pastors and leaders alike you want to do something for the Lord on a big wonderful you want to start more power to you you know oftentimes they’re more encouraging not always will address some of those issues when you’re pastors and leaders are not supportive unfortunately.

For me, prayer was a waste of time. santa rita I’m I’m like an Energizer bunny.

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